Who we are

Sally Angell-James



Sally was Henry's wife. Having worked in the property sector for years as well as travelling the world she moved to Shropshire when their son Harry was born. A keen tennis player and obsessed with musicals she is the driving force behind the charity.

Åsa Thompson



Swedish born Åsa travelled with her work as a diving instructor and safety diver on a 20th Century Fox filmset before moving to London working for a Fabric Company. She is married to James with 4 sons and lives in Shropshire where she is a partner in the Family business. Always longing for the wild and a good book.

Susannah Hall



Susannah was a graphic designer working in the fashion industry in her homeland America when she decided to come to London to do a course at Sotherby's. She never went home and now lives in North Shropshire with her husband and two children. She never misses a weekly zumba class and still keeps her design hat on working on various projects..

Mark Bucknall



Having worked in Banking for over twenty five years and can normally be found up a mountain somewhere in the summer and winter. He previously started his own charity in response to the Asian Tsunami of December 2004 helping educate children in Sri Lanka. His current goal is to get a dog.