In his memory, the Trustees of the Henry Angell-James Memorial Trust are on a mission to help save the lives of others by raising money to buy free Public Access Defibrillators, sometimes also referred to as Automated External Defribrillator (AED).

Working with the West Midlands Ambulance Service we hope to buy as many AEDs as possible, identify key locations and install them across Shropshire, the West Midlands and beyond.



Henry was born in 1963 and was brought up in Shrewsbury, he was always a familiar face locally and worked consistently in the community passionately supporting local endeavour and charitable causes.




As important as his work Henry had a multitude of lifelong interests in which he invested huge amounts of energy and time including the arts and sport. He set up Berwick House Productions which put on plays locally in Shrewsbury and in London and was a devotee of rugby and Suduko. Henry was a true countryman at heart with a great respect of those who work in the countryside. He had legendary joie de vivre, an extraordinary sense humour and endless capacity for fun resulting in the most extensive and loyal circle of friends. However fundamental to Henry was the life he created with Sally and the joy he got from his four children.



After school at Winchester College and before embarking on a career in property Henry went to Cambridge University. In the 1980s Henry Joined Savills where he worked for 20 years. Commenting on his contribution to the firm’s growth and success the current CEO Mark Ridley said that “Henry was a larger than life character, enormous fun to be with, loved and respected by all of us that knew him well.” He became a leading figure in the Industrial and Business Space sector and went onto set up Graftongate where he headed the industrial team and was heavily involved in the growth of the overall business worldwide. His expertise was extensive from corporate occupational strategies, new developmental schemes to planning and funding. In addition to working internationally Henry travelled regularly between his home in Shrewsbury and its offices in London and Birmingham.