High On A Hill For This HAJMT AED

Meet Year 1 and Year 2 of Clive CE Primary School and Nursery, Shropshire.

We are delighted to have recently donated one of our AEDs to the school whose core values are Respect, Responsibility & Resilience. The school is unique in many ways– not least because there is limited vehicular access, great because it means that all the children and staff get a walk to school every day. It is also safer as there are few, if any, vehicles near the school gate at drop off and home times.

However, its location also brings challenges. Clive CE Primary School and Nursery is situated halfway up Grinshill Hill— a popular place for walkers and bikers, even more so during lockdown. Needless to say, the trustees unanimously approved the application for a HAJMT AED to be installed at the school. A perfect and important location to serve those that live in the community and those that are are lucky enough to visit it.

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