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Meet Russell Brooks. Russell is founder of UK PADsites, a specialist supplier  of Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) based in Newport, Shropshire. Russell is also supplier of the HAMJT AEDs.

Russell started the company four years ago frustrated at mainstream PADs only available at exorbitant prices. He felt strongly that it was morally wrong, particularly for the many small communities around the country to be priced out of a life saving piece of equipment that did not need to be so expensive.

Russell, originally from Albrighton, Shropshire, has had a long career in the public health sector. Beginning at  the Red Cross and then moving on to St. John Ambulance before working for the Shropshire Ambulance Service which later became the West Midlands Ambulance Service. Russell is the co-ordinator for Newport Community First Responders Scheme having been a Community Response Coordinator for over 21 years.

As a certified instructor with the British Heart Foundation’s Heartstart scheme, Russel is able to teach recipients of AEDs emergency life saving skills.  He can also teach communities these same life saving skills– class sizes are restricted only by the size of the room and whatever Covid guidelines are recommended for your choice of venue.

If you would like to purchase an AED for your community or to organise a training session, please feel free to contact Russell at

If your community is not able to purchase an AED outright, dirctly from Russell, please apply for one from our charity HAJMT. Follow the application links on the menu.

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