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Impact Community Boxing 

Scott Lawton, two-time English lightweight champion, and @jacquioakespt with Sally and the newly installed HAJMT AED.

The dynamic duo own and run @teamimpactboxing in Stoke-on-Trent. Impact Community Boxking  is located in a densely populated street, in a heavily populated neighbourhood which desperately needed an AED.

The application came to us from Gaz Taylor who volunteers his time, when not working full time as a warehouse manager, to helping troubled youth offenders who look to boxing to channel their anger management issues. Gaz was deeply moved by what happened to @chriseriksen8 during a Euro 2020 match— troubled by what he saw as a fit and healthy athlete in the prime of his life suffering a heart attack. He realised it could happen to anyone, at any age and decided to do something about it. He approached his local MP @jackbreretonmp, about how to find funding for an AED and thankfully, Brereton recommended HAJMT.

Besides providing boxing training and fitness to the public and young offenders, Impact Boxing also provides a safe space for those with learning disabilities and head injuries. This program is run by the incredibly inspiring pint-sized powerhouse, Jacqui, who has found her life’s work with helping those that have little other options to engage with the world. She gives them a place to exercise, socialise and to learn life skills at the same time. We could go on about the rehabilitation success stories we heard first hand, but better for you to see for yourself @impactcicdisability.
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