remote area in the Shropshire hills awarded AED

Meet Ruth Houghton, Shropshire councillor for Bishops Castle and Sally Jones, Lydbury North Parish Councillor pictured here with Sally Angell-James at Meadowend Farm in Acton.

Acton is nestled in the hills near Lydbury North.  It is a remote area with around 42 dwellings and we were delighted to award Acton with an AED because of how difficult it is for the emergency services to get there quickly. The Parish Council were very grateful for the AED which supplements the one that has been available in Lydbury North for some time and extends coverage over more of the Parish.

Ruth and Sally (who submitted the application with the support of the Parish Council) have embraced our charity and our mission— they hand delivered flyers to their whole community informing them about the work we do and the AED they received.   They are fantastic examples of putting something back into a community and bringing people together.

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